| information Deutsch | English | Nederlands is a website by recycling net artist Cym. Cym started out as a webdesigner, living in virtual spaces for many years. Throughout the years she became interested again in real objects, things that you can hold in your hands.

In combination with an ongoing economical crisis she started developing products from trash, from materials which are often thrown away without even thinking about it.

In the beginning her recycling art still had a funny touch, a little bit like a joke. These days, with an ongoing financial crisis going on in Europe, she has turned her recycle art into her main focus as an artist. In times when it is hard to survive as an artist, she has used the economical situation to develop her recycling skills and create a range of products that not only are funny and original, but that also show us something about the culture that our society has created during the last fifty years.

In her work she uses every day materials and every day images to create new images. Many of the images she uses, are so well-known to us, that we don't even notice them anymore. But Cym manages to make us look at them again in a new way, from a new perspective. Her impressive collection of recycling art is not only a bright collection of brands and colours, it also makes us aware again of things we don't always think about.

  Recycling Net Artist Cym

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